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Re: more info on cvs

Technically, I think the cvs protocol itself expects that paths are
specified using backslash.  However, certain implementations/ports of
cvs to native windows have relaxed that, so that Windows users can use
"normal" backslashes when specifying pathnames.  Then, netbeans/forte
took that laxness as license (or perhaps the developers at Sun just
said, "Hey, windows -- paths have backslashes -- okay, we'll do that

What we're left with is this: we can either (a) limit pathnames to using
only '/' as specified by the spec (which also, BTW, explicitly *allows*
'\' as a normal char in a filename !!!), or (b) violate the spec and
adapt cvs on cygwin to explicitly convert '\' to '/' every time.

The problem is, some remote system to which your local cygwin-cvs client
talks, might have a file with a *legal* name containing '\'.  What do we
do then?

I'm in favor of (b), and treat the "problem" above as another
windows-ism (like the fact that "aux" is an illegal name on windows but
is FINE everywhere else on the planet...)


P.S. Sorry for being slow to respond, Heitzso, but I've been very busy
with (a) my job (b) cygwin release 1.3.0^H1, (c) ncurses release 5.2-5
lately. :-)  I "maintain" about 20 packages and it's getting to be
pretty overwhelming...

Heitzso wrote:
> After reading FAQ/Doc I'm noting that goal of Cygwin is
> for all programs to run under cmd.exe with backslashed file names
> just fine.
> I assume that cvs code needs a patch to convert
> backslashed names to forward slashes or to
> change the test in last_component() to find
> backward as well as forward slashes.
> Note I'm not the cvs cygwin maintainer.
> I emailed the maintainer awhile ago
> and haven't heard back.
> Should I go into cvs tree and dig out
> cvs patch code and get setup to alter
> the cvs cygwin patch?
> Thanks,
> Heitzso
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