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Re: When will cygwin ever be stable?

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I can't speak for the developers, but IMHO, it's an on-going process.
 Nothing is bug free and while there are small problems here or
there, most (if not all) are being taken care of very nicely.  As was
stated in an earlier e-mail, most of the developers are voluntary. 
It's come a long way, and again IMHO, I think it's constantly being
improved.  Try to find another unix environment (for Windows, that
is) that is as stable, or open sourced as Cygwin.  I dare ya.  ;)

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From: "Andy Piper" <>
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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 2:02 PM
Subject: When will cygwin ever be stable?

> Don't get me wrong - I love cygwin and think Chris and co have done
> a  marvellous jobs, but as a user who simply wants cygwin to work
> well I have  never installed a version that actually has all the
> signifcant bugs  squashed. Each time I install, something might be
> fixed but something else  breaks. For instance C-c - using C-c in
> cygwin is completely fundamental to  its usability and yet it has
> been fairly broken in the last two versions I  have installed
> (1.1.8-2 and 1.3.1); the headers change the whole time so  that
> trying to maintain anything that builds under cygwin is a complete 
> nightmare. I could go on, but the point is that all of these
> features have  worked at one time or other, but there doesn't seem
> to ever be a release  that squashes them all. Am I hoping in vain?
> Yours frustratedly,
> andy
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