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RE: Perl/Tk with patches no long compiles with CygWin v1.3.1

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charles S. Wilson []
> Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 7:24 AM
> To: Victor M. Esquivel
> Cc: Neil Lunn; ''
> Subject: Re: Perl/Tk with patches no long compiles with CygWin v1.3.1
> During the initial build of perl itself, perl copies some information
> (from the gcc specs file?) into its file.  I *think* that
> once Eric Fifer rebuilds perl-5.6.1 using the current gcc, the new
> file will have the right stuff in it.  However, he's still
> working on fixing the annoying text mode problems that 
> cropped up in the
> current cygwin-perl package; that thorny problem is delaying any new
> release of perl for cygwin(*). AFAIK.

Sorry that I have been away from this, with international timing and all.
I feel a need to clarify this a bit further.

There is no actual problem here at all. A look at the posted patch for
Tk880.022 reveals that the standard LD behaivor (ld2 - call to dlltool) is
being overidden with gcc -shared. Therefor dlltool is searching the w32api

Including the library path within is not going to break a
distribution and is not required once all modules have been correctly

The patch should be made to the Tk distribution and is really a simple one
liner to include the libary path. I am currently going through all of the
Win32 stuff on CPAN, cleaning it up a bit and trying to test the functions
against native Win32 builds. I would suggest that once this is done it would
probably be worthwile to bundle all of the present libwin32 modules with the
cygwin distribution as is done with ActivePerl.

Neil Lunn

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