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Re: Some comments about the current release

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 10:06:39AM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
>I never stated or implied that the cygwin developers wouldn't look at
>the speed issue.  It's in discussion _right now_ on the development
>mailing list.  The archives for that list are open to the public.

I guess it would have helped if I had stated this gact as a reply to the
original complaint.

>What I stated - "We/they might.  Of course _you_ are able to get a
>debug version of cygwin1.dll and profile it.  You might even see what's
>affecting you specifically." - was intended to point out that without
>feedback and assistance finding the problem may not be quick and or
>easy.  There are 0 full time cygwin-net-release programmers.  Chris is
>a manager (who codes quite well :] ), Corinna as I understand it is
>there for the embedded system development, but is able to hack on
>cygwin (For which we should _all_ be grateful!).  And the rest, well we
>are all volunteers with some particular itch we want to scratch.

Actually, Corinna and I (and DJ) are volunteers, too.  I'm personally
working on some signal and path name issues right now but performance
degradataion does bother me.  I hate tracking it down, though.

Also, Corinna is a Cygwin engineer, gdb engineer in training.  We don't
have much Cygwin-specific work at Red Hat currently so she's slowly
transitioning to gdb.


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