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Re: Problems building GDB.

On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 01:17:36PM -0600, James Hatch wrote:
>I'm trying to build the current gdb, and I'm not having very much luck.
>Here's an excerpt from the build:
>make[2]: Entering directory `/home/james/build-gdb/tcl/cygwin'
>gcc -DPACKAGE=\"libtcl_cygwin\" -DVERSION=\"8.0\" -DHAVE_GETCWD=1 -DHAVE_OPE
>GTYPE=void -DHAVE_SIGNED_CHAR=1 -DHAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H=1  -I. -I../../../gdb-200
>5-1/tcl/cygwin  -I../../../gdb-20001125-1/tcl/cygwin/../generic   -D__TCL_UN
>ARIANT -DTCL_LIBRARY='"/usr/local/share/tcl8.0"' -DTCL_PACKAGE_PATH='"NONE/l
> -g -O2 -c ../../../gdb-20001125-1/tcl/cygwin/../generic/tclEnv.c
>In file included from /usr/include/w32api/windef.h:145,
>                 from /usr/include/w32api/windows.h:98,
>                 from
>/usr/include/w32api/winnt.h:48: parse error before `CCHAR'
>/usr/include/w32api/winnt.h:48: warning: data definition has no type or

The CVS version of gdb builds fine.

Older versions require that you do:

CC='gcc -mwin32' configure

...this is a recording.  (beep)


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