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Re: Any resolution to win32.h problem?

> Seems to me the solution proposed was the #ifdef mentioned below.  Did you
> try that?  Its not at all clear to me that win32.h and windows.h from the
> w32api package are supposed to be the same thing (as your symlink suggestion
> implies).  I'm definitely left with the impression that these are two
> completely different files so I don't see that the symlink would be a
> reasonable solution in that case.

> What FAQ entry suggests that Cygwin includes win32.h?

I quote the following - but I don't get it:

Why can't we redistribute Microsoft's Win32 headers?
Subsection 2.d.f of the `Microsoft Open Tools License agreement' looks
like it says that one may not "permit further redistribution of the
Redistributables to their end users". We take this to mean that we can
give them to you, but you can't give them to anyone else, which is
something that Cygnus (err... Red Hat) can't agree to. Fortunately, we
have our own Win32 headers which are pretty complete.

this may have nothing to do with what my problem is.

So in the original mail:

>That's "win32.h", not <win32.h>.  There's a file in
><perl-src>/win32/win32.h, which is probably copied up to the toplevel
>during a win32-native configure. (I'm just guessing here)

I did not download the source for perl is this what is holding me up? If I
download it, what would be the top level dir? /usr/include/ or <perl-src>?


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