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RE: Information on running tcl/tk with cygwin?

No, not tkdiff.  It's an interface to "diff3" that I'm looking for.
Nevertheless, I believe I found the script I needed, but now I'm a little
concerned about the hacks I had to do to get it to work at all (and I
haven't fully tested it yet).  I discovered that I have to be very
particular about how I provide paths to the tcl script.  Obviously, I have
to change "wish" to "cygtclwish80".  I might create a symlink, so I don't
always have to hack third-party scripts.  I also discovered, as you clearly
did, that you even have to be careful how you invoke the script.  For
instance, if you execute it through the Cygwin PATH, and you have it in
"/home/myname/bin", then it will fail to find it.  You have to execute it
with the Windows path.

The other annoyance is that "puts" seems to have no effect, whether I write
to stdout or stderr.  Nothing comes out.

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From: Troy Noble []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 12:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Information on running tcl/tk with cygwin?

Might you be talking about TkDiff?  It has moved from its original
location and AccuRev now appears to be maintaining it.  So some
of the older web links (for example on Scriptics) are stale or
no longer working.  I did find it not too long ago at:

I installed the current version of Tcl/Tk from the cygwin distro,
and have been running that without difficulty.  Of course I'm sure
I don't put it under any heavy stress per se.

I recall having to do something to get it to work with cygwin
since line 4 of the script reads:

exec wish "$0" -- ${1+"$@"}

and of course wish is really called cygwish80.exe in the cygwin
distro.  Could probably solve it with a symlink or an alias
of wish that refers to cygwish80.exe, I will leave that up to
you to try.

If I recall, I just commented out that line and then I start
the script using an alias that I define in my .bashrc:

alias tkdiff="cygwish80.exe -f /cygwin/usr/local/bin/tkdiff.tcl"


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From: Karr, David []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 11:28 AM
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Subject: Information on running tcl/tk with cygwin?

Is there some documentation somewhere on using tcl/tk with Cygwin?  I can't
find anything that really covers this, although I notice some tcl/tk files
in the Cygwin distribution, and some minor mentions of Cygwin on the
Scriptics web site (soon moving to "activestate", I guess).

I've heard a rumor of a reasonably friendly graphical interface to "diff3"
using tcl/tk, but I'm not sure where to find it.

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