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Re: Request to package maintainers wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like to make a request of Cygwin's package maintainers: please leave the generated config.cache file in the source package.
> I suggest this to aid in rebuilding from source packages.  As it is, those who want to rebuild there own binaries have no idea what config options were used in the standard cygwin build.  The user who wants to rebuild the source with config option A may
> be losing the options X, Y and Z used in the original cygwin build.

The preceeding relies on incorrect assumptions, especially in the case
of the packages I maintain.  Every source package of mine, includes a
subdirectory "CYGWIN-PATCHES" in which you will find a file called
"packagename-version-release.README".  That file contains detailed build
instructions INCLUDING the configuration options I used.  In most cases,
that file is also installed in /usr/doc/Cygwin with the binary package.

In any case, others have already correctly pointed out that "recycling"
config.cache between machines is a really bad idea.  And that most
packagers do not build in their source directory.


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