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Re: Request to package maintainers

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>From: <>
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>Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 9:42 AM
>Subject: Request to package maintainers

>I would like to make a request of Cygwin's package maintainers: please
leave the generated config.cache file in the source package.
>I suggest this to aid in rebuilding from source packages.  As it is,
those who want to rebuild there own binaries have no idea what config
>options were used in the standard cygwin build.  The user who wants to
rebuild the source with config option A may
>be losing the options X, Y and Z used in the original cygwin build.
>Thank you.

This is a _very_ bad idea. config.cache is not portable across machines
unless they are _identical_ in layout. And if you are building from
source you may well have a different location for various items.

config.status is less of an issue - but where would you put it ? (The
source dir is not the build dir for packagers ).

If all you want is the configure switches used, then I suggest just
asking for that. :]

A second thing to consider: if you are building from source it implies
that you don't want the packagers options...


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