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problem with sshd as service

I'm having a weird problem when I try to run sshd as a service on NT.  The 
sshd service is set to run under the system account (using srvany.exe), I 
have system path set to include my /bin and /usr/bin directories, and my 
log in shell is /bin/sh.  I can log in fine and run pwd or cd, but when I 
try something like ls, things just hang, with my cpu usage hitting the 
ceiling.  I have to kill the sh and ls to recover.  If, from the /bin/sh 
prompt, I run cmd.exe, and try ls under that, it works fine!

If, instead of running sshd as a service I just start it from the command 
line, I do NOT have the problem.

Also, if, instead of using the current sshd, I substitute the Okhapkin port 
of sshd (which I've been using for years), it works fine, even when run as 
a service (with NO other configuration changes except renaming the sshd 

I'd really like to upgrade to the OpenSSH port, but have been unable to get 
around this problem (which prevents me from using the server with sftp or 
with gui scp programs, since  ls doesn't work). I've made sure that I have 
current cygwin1.dll, sshd, sh, and ls (and checked to make sure there are 
no other cygwin1.dlls in my paths).

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here?


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