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Re: Symbol link trouble ?

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 11:14:48AM +0200, Pierre Muller wrote:
>   I have a big problem if I try to redefine an existing symbolic link
> within cygwin environment.
> (I just downloaded the new cygwin version, but it
> does not seem to cure the problem)
> To illustrate the problem, I wrote a little script (file 'test' below)
> It does not seem to depend on the
> shell used
> "sh test" and "bash test"
> give the same result.
>  >>>>>Start of file 'test'
> rm test.h
> echo "First" > first.h
> echo "Second" > second.h
> echo "Creating test.h as a link to first.h"
> ln -s first.h test.h
> ls -l *.h
> echo "Removing test.h"
> rm test.h
> ls -l *.h
> echo "Recreating test.h as a link to second.h"
> ln -s second.h test.h
> ls -l *.h
> echo "cat test.h"
> cat test.h
> echo "cat second.h"
> cat second.h
>  >>>>>End of file 'test'
> What is really strange is that
> the test.h.lnk file that is on disk (and can be seem on normal Dos box)
> does indeed contain the correct name of second.h
> but Cygwin programs seem to still think that the link is to first.h

That's weird. I can't reproduce that on W2K. Does anybody see
the same problem? Which OS?

> Secondary questions:
>    are these cygwin links supposed to be Win95 compatible ?
> Because the Windows file explorer does tell em
> that these files are Shortcuts
> but the destination file is empty if I Right klick on the file and select 
> properties!

Aaargh! Really? I don't have any 95 for testing purposes so
I can't look for this. Did you ever think about upgrading to
OSR2, 98, ME, NT, W2K? Ok, ok, seriously, if you can't live
with that, you should set your CYGWIN environment variable to
contain "nowinsymlinks". In that case, the old symlink method
is used again.


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