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RE: Cygwin Python Distribution GPL Licensing Issue?

[Jason Tishler]
> Hmm, I not sure how to interpret the above.

That's because I'm trying *not* to tell you what to do, only what I believe
are your options and some of the potentially thorny issues connected with
them.  In the end, it's your call.

> Are you suggesting that I remove readline support from my Cygwin
> Python distribution?

No.  But neither am I suggesting that you don't <wink>.  I *believe* you're
in no real trouble either way; nor Python nor Cygwin either.  That's why
these msgs are so sprawling:  there's simply no killer argument in any

> ...
> BTW, it appears that I'm not the only packager who has stepped into this
> thorny issue:

Oh, not by a long shot!  As I said, GNU readline is the FSF's GPL lightning
rod:  it attracts trouble, and by intent.  Hmm.  There's another ploy in case
of trouble:  plead entrapment <0.9 wink>.

readline-considered-an-attractive-nuisance-ly y'rs  - tim

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