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RE: 1.1.8: the read command in bash does not behaive the same as in ksh

read is a built-in, you cannot pipe to it.

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From: Sergio Del Rio []
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 4:26 PM
Subject: 1.1.8: the read command in bash does not behaive the same as in ksh

This was encountered with cygwin v1.1.8 under Windows 2000 Professional.
The following script executes fine on other unix systems but not with cygwin
and I was wondering how to get around this problem:
echo one two three | read v1 v2 v3
echo "v1 = ${v1}"
echo "v2 = ${v2}"
echo "v3 = ${v3}"
It seems that the variables are not set at all when this is done with
I have this kind of code in many places and would really appreciate an
Sergio Del Rio
Templates 4 Business Inc.
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