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Re: gs.exe

You need to either recompile gs.exe against the cygwin libpng-1.0.9-3
package, or revert back to the cygwin libpng-1.0.8-2 package.  This is
(unfortunately) an unfixable problem w.r.t. cygwin and some decisions
made by the libpng-developers team.  (Not their fault, really -- they
made some choices that (a) agreed with what msvc was doing by default,
but (b) disagreed with what gcc-cygwin was doing by default.  Naturally,
they chose to follow the behavior of the more widely used development

(Actually, closer inspection of the gs.exe binary indicates that it was
built against a cygwin libpng package that's even older than 1.0.8-2,
because it expects the png_init_io symbol at ordinal # 169 (cygwin-gcc
automatic assignment when I built the old version of libpng for
cygwin).  1.0.8-2 exports that symbol at # 170 (cygwin-gcc automatic
assignment when I built libpng-1.0.8 for cygwin).  However, the .def
file in 1.0.9-3 explicitly exports that symbol at #171.

(You can check all this yourself using: 'objdump --all-headers gs.exe |
grep png_init_io' -- but remember to add one to numbers reported by
objdump.  Objdump uses 0-based numbering, whereas the .def files use
1-based numbering -- as if things weren't confusion enough.)



"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:
> Hi cygwinners,
> i got an error when starting gs.exe.
> Procedure entry point "png_init_io" couldn't be found
> in cygpng2.dll is the win popup saying.
> Someone else got the same behaviour?
> Gerrit
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