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RE: Linking Cygwin & MSVC objects / libraries using MSVC linker

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> From: Nicholas Peters []
> Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 10:59 AM
> To:
> Subject: Linking Cygwin & MSVC objects / libraries using MSVC linker
> Is it possible to link Cygwin compiled objects and Microsoft 
> Visual C (not 
> C++) objects using the libcygwin.a and it's associated libraries  and 
> Microsofts various libraries (MSVCRT, etc).  I would very 
> much like to use 

lybcygwin.a is mainly an import lib for cygwin1.dll aka libm aka libc
aka lpthread aka I'm not shure howmanyotherlibraries.

> the MSVC linker for this (not ld) but am open to all ideas.  
> When I tried  
> to just flat out link (with MSVC linker) I got some errors 
> from libcygwin.a 
> stating it had undefined external references to data_start, data_end, 
> bss_start, bss_end.  After reading through some of the mail 
> archives for 
> this list I decided to throw in some null char declarations for those 
> references since I'm not using the fork functionality of 
> libcygwin.  I get 
> two warnings in the link, and the resulting exe crashes.
> The warnings are:
> libcygwin.a : warning multiple ".idata" sections found with different 
> attributes.
> libcygwin.a : warning __fmode already defined in MSVCRT.LIB second 
> definition ignored.
> When I list libcygwin.a BEFORE MSVCRT in my link command 
> line, the second 
> warning changes to:
> MSVCRT.LIB : warning _atexit already defined in libcygwin.a second 
> definition ignored.
> Either way the the produced executable crashes with "The 
> instruction at 
> <address> referenced memory at <address>.  The memory could 
> not be "read". "

AFAIK you cannot mix MSVCRT.LIB and libcygwin.a. They implement the same
functions. What do you need from cygwin?


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