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Am set up for debugging... what next.

OK, I followed directions that Egor, Christopher, and DJ Delorie provided.
And now I need a little more direction.

- grabbed the latest DLL sources
- created an /obj directory, then ran
    /src/configure --enable-debugging --prefix=/install
- did a make
- copied gdb.exe and known-good (i.e. OLD) cygwin1.dll to /gdb-working
- shut everything down and copied the new-cygwin1.dll over cygwin1.dll
- created a /gdb-working/startup_gdb.cmd that reads:

     set PATH=c:\gdb-working;%PATH%
     c:\gdb-working\gdb.exe %1 %2

- in my .basrhc I set:

     export CYGWIN='error_start=c:\gdb-working\start_gdb.cmd'

     and started a new bash window of course, echo $CYGWIN
     looks right.

Now I run:

$ sleep 30 &
$ ps
$ kill -11 <PID of the sleep 30 command here>

I see:    [1]+  Segmentation fault      sleep 30

Shouldn't gdb pop up at this point?

What am I missing here?

Apologies if this is the wrong list.  Looked like the description
of cygwin-developers was for hard-core folks not just hobbyists
like myself who were trying to get to the root of a common
Access Violation so they can get back to being a user ;->

Thanks, Troy

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