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Re: Cygwin Python Distribution GPL Licensing Issue?


On Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 04:11:57AM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:
> I personally don't like these shenanigans:  if, given their present position
> on the Python license, the FSF would merely *prefer* that Python not use
> readline, I personally want to respect that, and *just* because it's their
> code (the untested legal claims don't interest me).  But I haven't heard from
> the FSF what their preference on this is, so that's an unknown too.

Hmm, I not sure how to interpret the above.  Are you suggesting that I
remove readline support from my Cygwin Python distribution?  But, then
you state the following...

> *You* didn't do anything special to get readline.dll compiled anyway, right?

Nope -- just configure, make, make install. found GNU readline
on my system and built the optional readline module without any special
direction by me.

At first, I was displeased when the distutils style of building the
standard Python extension modules was integrated into the Python build
process since it broken the Cygwin build.  Now, I have come to really
appreciate its (subversive) elegance! :,)

> Unless I'm mistaken, you inherited that part of the make process from us.  So
> your ass is covered 10 ways from Sunday <wink>:  if the FSF objects, they
> should object to us, I'll argue to respect their wishes and disable readline
> support everywhere, in the end I'll get out-voted, and then there will be
> another long semi-public fight that never gets resolved because neither side
> will be willing to push it too far.  See?  In every respect, just life as
> usual <0.9 wink>.

Sometimes status quo is boring -- in this case, it sounds like a plan
to me.

BTW, it appears that I'm not the only packager who has stepped into this
thorny issue:

    $ ncftpget
    $ rpm2cpio python-2.0-9mdk.i586.rpm | cpio -ivr ./usr/lib/python2.0/lib-dynload/
    rename ./usr/lib/python2.0/lib-dynload/ ->
    $ ldd 
   => /lib/ (0x4000e000)


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