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Re: Missing CYGZ.DLL

"Mark J. Reed" wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed the latest Cygwin on a system which
> previously had no version, and /usr/bin/ssh crashes with a complaint
> about cygz.dll missing. Sure enough, it's not there . . . was it renamed
> again, and ssh not rebuilt appropriately?  How do I fix this?

No, it has not been renamed.  check /etc/setup/installed.db and see if
setup thinks that the zlib package was installed (we know that it has
not ACTUALLY been installed because you've already checked in

Second, make sure that c:\cygwin\bin (or wherever you installed) is in
your WINDOWS path for the WINDOWS context that is running ssh/sshd. 
This is done via:
  autoexec.bat for Win9x
  System Environment Settings for LocalSystem account (sshd on WinNT/2k)
  User Environment Settings (sshd, ssh running as a specific user)
You can't just set /usr/bin in your cygwinpath (in .bash_profile?) and
expect cygwin programs that are NOT started from bash to get that path. 
You've got to do it from Windows.


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