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Re: ntsec with W2K workgroup

Actually I have used setup.exe to install cygwin. In the /bin directory
all the files don't have any permission bit set when I use ntsec. And
the files have owner/group as administ/None. Without ntsec the files
owner/group are venkates/Power Us.

Most of the files I could execute in that directory but some
applications such as man complain about troff not found etc. When i
remove ntsec I don't have any problem. Should I set ntsec env variable
before using setup.exe. In my /etc/passwd and etc/group entries have 
None as group for all users. I tried changing them (like 547)also.

Please suggest setting up passwd/group files in win2k workgroups if that 
is the cause.

venkatesh wrote:

 > On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 07:17:20PM +0530, venkatesh wrote:
 >> Hi
 >> Recently I have moved to win2000 server in a workgroup. When I use 
 >> option in CYGWIN env variable I can not run most of the executables. In
 >> the ls command all of them don't have exe bit set. I have used ntsec in
 > Sounds as if you have copied the executables when ntsec was off.
 > You know that you can set the x bit with `chmod +x files...' when
 > ntsec is on and the files are on a NTFS partition, don't you?
 > Corinna

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