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Re: how to compile programs using (n)curses

On 16 Apr 2001, Felix Natter wrote:
> > > when I try to compile a simple (n)curses program using cygwin,
> > > I get lots of "undefined reference"-messages, one for each ncurses function,
> > > but with a "impl_" prepended (i.e. impl_waddch).
> I read this, thanks.
> But I compiled as you suggest. In fact, the problem also occurs if I
> compile and link in one step:
> I saved the following as test_curses.c:
> #include <curses.h>
> int main(int argc, char** argv)
> {
> 	initscr();
> 	wclear(stdscr);
> 	waddstr(stdscr, "hello world");
> 	wrefresh(stdscr);
> 	getch();
> 	endwin();
> }
> gcc -static -DNCURSES_STATIC -o test_curses.exe test_curses
> => undefined reference to endwin ...
> gcc -o test_curses.exe test_curses.c
> => undefined reference to _imp__endwin ...

You do need to include the library!  Add '-lncurses' (without the
quotes) to the end of each command and it will work.

> I looks like I have a broken installation.

Maybe.  But the problem above is caused by user error.


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