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Re: dlltool & link to VC++ generated DLL

At 02:00 PM 4/17/2001, Bill Grigg wrote:


>Linking Against DLLs
>If you have an existing DLL already, you need to build a Cygwin-compatible
>import library (The supplied ones should work, but you might not have them)
>to link against. Unfortunately, there is not yet any tool to do this
>automatically. However, you can get most of the way by creating a .def file
>with these commands (you might need to do this in bash for the quoting to
>work correctly):
>echo EXPORTS > foo.defnm foo.dll | grep ' T _' | sed 's/.* T _//' >> foo.def
>Note that this will only work if the DLL is not stripped. Otherwise you will
>get an error message: "No symbols in foo.dll".
>Once you have the .def file, you can create an import library from it like
>dlltool --def foo.def --dllname foo.dll --output-lib foo.a
>7. I  skipped the "echo EXPORTS ..." part and just built my own .def file,
>MYDLL.def. See below:

You shouldn't do this.  My guess is that you now have the wrong function 
name due to improper calling convention.  Fix this or do the step you skipped.

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>          Get_Status_Nav

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