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Re: Readline library global variable rl_complete_with_tilde_expansion

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> "William D. Kirby" wrote:
> >
> > In building gnuplot v3.8f+ the global variable
> > rl_complete_with_tilde_expansion causes an error of being undefined in
> > plot.c. It is declared as extern int in plot.c, and as int in the
> > readline library complete.c. Is this a fault in the readline library
> > in the Cygwin gcc compiler (gcc 2.95.3-3)?
> >
> The problem is that plot.c doesn't include the appropriate header to
> declare it and is taking matters into it's own hands.  Include the
> appropriate header and remove the plot.c declaration.

It's also only declared in rlprivate.h -- it is NOT a publicly accessible
variable and is NOT exported by the DLL.  It should NOT be accessed from
client programs; gnuplot is broken.  It's taking advantage of the fact
that all symbols are accessible in static libs, and all symbols are
accessible in ELF shared libs.  Unfortunately, that little shortcut is not
allowed with windows shared libs (dlls). 

This also explains why plot.c declared the variable itself; rlprivate.h is
private -- and is not included in ANY binary dist of readline.  Only
source dists.


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