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RE: cygwin download - failed

problem solved ! I was doing "Download from Internet". Instead I should have
checked "Install from Internet". This was the problem! Those of you who
faced similar problems, try doing it again, with the 2nd radio button

Stupid of me, eh ;)

Thanks all for your suggestions :)

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From: Simha, Shuba []
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 11:02 AM
To: '';
Subject: cygwin download - failed

I've seen a lot of this problem since the last few days ! I have the same
problem too.
I did delete all the directories "latest", "d:\cygwin" & "contrib". Still it
does not install..
I am installing "From Internet".

Previously, I had installed Cygwin in D-drive. When I tried to install it
again in D-drive, it was unable to. So I tried C-drive last friday, it
started downloading, but when I came in this morning, I saw the message
"Download incomplete" !! When I try to install again to the same drive &
directory, it does not show any packages, so I deleted the directories
"latest", "contrib", (there was no "cygwin" root dir !!), & started download
again. It is downloading, but it might not download successfully, as before.
THIS IS THE 5th TIME I'M TRYING TO DOWNLOAD, each time with a different
mirror !! 

PLEASE HELP; What am I doing wrong?


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From: Brian Keener []
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: Re-install of cygwin not possible via setup.exe

When you installed you should have had to specify a download directory 
and an install (root) directory.  Please be sure you deleted both of 
these in their entirety as you said you did and then setup should allow 
you to re download/install the entire system (all packages). 

Also if you could also tell us if you selected download from internet, 
install from local directory or install from internet - it will help us 
pinpoint your problem a little better.

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