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Re: What's a good stable snapshot DLL?

At 10:45 AM 4/16/2001, Troy Noble wrote:
>Am having some relatively frequent Dr. Watson dialogs on Win2K and NT 4
>Access Violations.  Using 1.1.8-2 version of the DLL from a "cygwin/latest"
>It's seems to happen in all sorts of places... echo.exe, make.exe, bash.exe,
>basepath.exe.  Seems to be somewhat random, in other words I can't reproduce
>it the same way twice.  And it only seems to occur on machines where I have
>cygwin on the d: drive instead of the c: drive.
>So am willing to try a snapshot of the DLL as is frequently suggested on the
>My question is, what is a good stable version I can try (looking for minimal
>risk if
>possible).  Saw one reference to
>but that seems awfully recent.  Is it generally safe using ones that recent
>that these are built off of developer sources almost daily?

Snapshots are not generally considered stable.   They are works in progress.
If submissions build, a new snapshot is created.  If not, there's no 
snapshot.  Whether they "work" or not is determined by those that run them.
If you intend to try/use a snapshot, you should:

   1. Backup any previous DLL/environment you have that you may want to fall
      back to.

   2. Be willing to try a few to see if they help solve your problems without
      creating others.

   3. Report the results of (2).

   4. Preferably be willing to help debug issues you find.

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