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Re: Re problems with latest Cygwin 1.1.txt

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 10:06:41AM -0400, ROBERTS,JOHN (A-USA,ex1) wrote:
>I'm using the latest cygwin and I'm trying to build a C library that uses
>FFTW and link it with code developed using MS cl.exe.
>I've tried various combinations of -mno-cygwin and I've tried using mingw,
>but I can't seem to escape:
>_impure_ptr and _imp___ctype_
>I thought you might be able to tell me that what I'm trying to do is
>impossible and I have to use the microsoft compiler for the whole
>application. Is this the case?
>Any hints?

Please check out the project web page for links to available information
and ports: .

If you don't see what you need there, then the cygwin mailing list is
the best place to make observations or get questions answered.
Information on the mailing list is available at the project web page.

For your convenience, I've reset the Reply-To: address to point to the
cygwin mailing list.  I've also Cc'ed this reply there.

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