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Dynamic Environment Update Patch, Take One

You can find my first attempt at a patch to allow dynamic environment variable
translation in cygwin at, in the left-hand column.

It's pretty easy to use:  Set an environment variable called 

and/or one called

Those will be interpreted as semicolon separated lists of environment
variables that should be treated like HOME and PATH currently are.  I use
them for things like my java CLASSPATH (much easier to manipulate in shell
scripts than it ever was in .bat files), and since my marketing dept. insists
that I code in vc++, my INCLUDE and LIB paths.  Might be useful for things
like your profile dir.

Anyway, if the name is in TRANSFILES, it's like running cygpath on the thing,
and if it's in TRANSPATHS, it's like running cygpath -p on it.

One known bug:  Once you've added a name to this list in a cygwin process,
all of it's children will translate this variable, even if you unset it
before starting the child.  But if you unset it in explorer, and start up
a second console window, THAT window will not do the translations.  You
just can't stop the inheritance once it's started.  I believe that this has
to do with the fact that sometimes the environment is passed in pre-parsed,
but I"m not sure, cause it's not documented when that happens.

Happy Hacking,

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