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Re: DSP support (Kernel Development)

If you look in the cygwin-patches list archives, about a week ago
/dev/dsp was submitted, with some neat features (ie from memory, cp
foo.wav /dev/dsp plays it).

As for dsound.h, we cannot simply copy the Microsoft header. It needs to
be recreated. I think the previsou submitted used non-dsound media
interfaces... have a look anyway.


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From: "Kuphal Kevin-AKK012" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 11:51 PM
Subject: DSP support (Kernel Development)

> I had a couple questions for the list:
> 1.  Is anyone working on adding /dev/dsp support to the CYGWIN DLL?
If so, please contact me.  I have a DirectSound player working in code
and I am about to begin coding into the DLL if no one else has gotten
this far.
> 2.  I've had to include dsound.h (obviously) to compile the code.  Are
there any issues with this being added to the include directory for
> I think that's all for now.  Thanks!
> Kevin Kuphal
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