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Re: cvs broken on win2k after recent cygwin upgrade: "The descriptor is a file, not a socket"


On Sun, Apr 15, 2001 at 09:22:58AM +0100, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> Thanks for the observations.  Seems to me to confirm Corinna's
> original belief that somehow Cygwin is getting the wrong WINSOCK
> library, even though the right one is available.

Yes. It seems that Cygwin is getting the wrong file handle from winsock. 
Why would Cygwin get a file when it requests a socket from MS winsock? 
That is beyond my understanding. I can dig a little deeper:

The message "The descriptor is a file. not a socket" is a Cygwin error 
message from src/winsup/cygwin/ as far as I can tell. 
The evidence is a code fragment from that routine:

      error = "The descriptor is a file, not a socket";

Cygwin itself detected a non-socket and then printed that error message.
Winsock did not print that error message on your screen. 

It appears that a Cygwin function just returned a file descriptor instead 
of a socket, or that it mistook the socket as a file descriptor. Could it
be possible that winsock actually returned a socket but the socket was
mistaken as a file descriptor? That is beyond my understanding. 
However, this anomaly manifested itself only when a non-MS dialup networking
program was running (in my case). The non-MS dialup software was causing
problem to Cygwin only --- Windows telnet/ftp was not being affected at

The non-MS dialup software has since been removed from my computer. I can no
longer reproduce that same problem. 

If you know C and C++, would you be able to debug it? (since you can reproduce
the problem).  You are the only person that can provide more information.


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