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Re: cvs broken on win2k after recent cygwin upgrade: "The descriptor is a file, not a socket"

Hi all,

I had the same problem with telnet a while back. Telnet & cvs update have
one thing in common -- Unix sockets. I could telnet using Win98 telnet but not
Cygwin telnet. At the time my position was: I would let it rest, in the hope 
that cygwin developers would get to that problem soon.

Seven months later, I upgraded to the latest Net Release, and found the same 
problem. However, the problem did not last long. My former Internet account 
(ISP1 briefly) was expiring, and I decided to try another ISP (ISP2 for short). 
Bingo, I could telnet out! I repeated the test with ISP1 and ISP2 many
times and got very consistent results:

      ISP1 -- Cygwin telnet fails but Win98 telnet gets through.
              Cygwin error message: "The descriptor is a file, not a socket"

      ISP2 -- Cygwin telnet succeeds and so does Win98's telnet.

I would not go so far as to say that ISP1 is not Unix friendly because they 
use Unix servers. The main difference between the two ISPs is in the dialup 
program: ISP1 provides a dialup software whereas ISP2 provides none -- it 
uses the stock Windows dialup networking software. So, I am inclined to think
that the special dialup software by ISP1 interacts unfavorably with Cygwin.
I could not prove whether the interaction is a side-effect or a feature.

I *know* that this may not apply to you but I want to share this with

-- Enoch

PS. Perhaps you can unload any software that does not have to run while
running Cygwin. 

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