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Re: Cygwin Download

FWIW, I installed cygwin on Adv Server XP beta 2 a couple of days ago,
and it's running a multi-day 4 processor MPI Fortran/C analysis right
now.  My server box has no connection to the internet, so I installed by
first copying the cygwin setup directory recently updated from
mirrors.rcn on my laptop and running install from local directory,
invoking setup via "Run As" shortcut in order to gain privilege.
Cygwin's parallel make works just fine with proprietary compilers and
MPI libraries off the net.  What would I do without cygwin?

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Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 12:02 PM
Subject: Cygwin Download

> Hi Cygwin users,
> I am not able to download Cygwin onto my Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
> I downloaded  setup.exe from home page. When I run it,
> it asked for the directory info etc. After I select a mirror site, it
> does not do anything at all! The setup.exe process is still running
> though !! I tried different mirrors, but nothing works. It just
> a setup.ini & then, stop !
> For your info, I could download all packages yesterday, but deleted
> everything this morning since the Cygwin Bash shell was missing !!
> I saw that somebody else also had the same problem...
> Please help ASAP..
> Thanks a lot,
> FT
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