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Re: help for installing cygwin on Windows ME needed

On Sat, Apr 14, 2001 at 12:15:38AM -0700, rahul toley wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I need your help. This is my first attempt to install
> cygwin. I have spend atleast 4 hours by now to try and

i think that you have not donwloaded the whole cygwin or
at least the minimum download for work.

> Target Platform : Windows ME (problem ?)
> Executable version :cygwin-1.1.8-1.tar.gz after
> untarring and gziping (i use powerarchivers extracter)

the installation does not need manually un-zip and un-tar.
the setup program will do it for you.

> Effect : If I execute any of the executables in the
> cygwin directory under bin I see a black shell opening
> and then gets killed. I cant makeout anything from
> this.

i bet you have not downloaded the necessity. try to, at
first download all the packages by choosing 'download from
internet' in cygwin setup program. then run cygwin setup
again, choose install from local. after installation,
a shortcut will be on desktop. 2klik it will show you the
performance. check cygwin's home for details.

> Side Questions:   which is the main executable. i
> tried running cygpath.exe cygcheck.exe

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