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Re: cvs broken on win2k after recent cygwin upgrade: "The descriptor is a file, not a socket"

"Trevor Forbes" <> writes:

> You have two cygwin1.dll in your path.........????

Not ideal, but it's because my WIN32 path alone doesn't have
c:\cygwin\bin in it.  I think.

> Also fix your path....How many times do you have to look in /usr/bin?

See above.

> your "TMP = `/tmp'"  -- profile normally does "unset TMP"

So I should . . .

> your "TEMP = `/cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/ht/LOCALS~1/Temp'"
>    Keep It Simple "KISS", no ..~1 dosizms, no white space
>    eg TEMP=c:\Temp


> you have mounted "d:    /home/ht  system  textmode" and HOME =/home/ht
> Is d: your real home directory or is it /home in the root directory?

d: is real home directory

> .bash_history is in the root directory and should be in HOME?


> Unfortunately, although I have/had a theory what the problem is,  I was
> unable to replicate the problem so there is not much more I can do...

Thanks for trying . . .

> The problem may be a w2k and fat32 combination?, move to NTFS..

Seems unlikely, given we're talking about a WINSOCK problem.

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