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Problems with dd

I am using Cygwin on a Windows 2000 machine - I am not logged in as 
Administrator, but I am a local administrator on this machine (I don't think 
permissions are the culprit here, but I'm including this just in case).  I 
am trying to write an image to a floppy diskette using:

  dd if=boot.img of=//a

"//a" is the only way I see any activity in the floppy drive ("a:" doesn't 
work) - I hear some spinning, but then I get the following message:

  dd: //a: Permission denied

If I try reading a floppy image using:

  dd if=//a of=foo.img

I get the following message:

  dd: //a: Invalid argument
  0+0 records in
  0+0 records out

Can 'dd' be used to read/write images from/to a floppy?  It seems like '//a' 
refers to the root directory of the floppy, rather than the device itself 
(i.e. /dev/fd0 in Linux).  Is there a syntax I can use to write an image to 
a floppy?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jim Harris

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