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Re: rpm problem was: libz.dll

At 12:48 PM 4/12/2001, radek kosciuk wrote:

>thanks to all who helped me, thank. But, it is not that easy :) Problem
>persists. I have rpm up and running but I can't ( example) install Midnight
>Commander. I have downloaded package and tried to install it ( I run rpm
>with -v v  -i option), it gave me nice view whats happening. Rpm is trying
>to install MC but it fails because of dependencies. It says that I don't
>have ncurses installed ( I HAVE!!! ) and it fails to install MC. Why? I have
>copied files from /bin/ncurses-test-dll and ncurses-test-stat to /bin and
>still same thing. It does not work. I even checked the installation,
>installed whole thing again and nothing. Always it fails because there is no
>ncurses ( but i can run ncurses.exe from cygwin promtp...) any ideas?

RPM related issues should be directed to the maintainer of the RPM utility
you're using.  At this point, RPM is not part of the Cygwin distribution,
so questions about how it operates (or not!;-)) is really OT for this list.

That said, my guess is that you're issue is with the fact that ncurses is
installed via Cygwin's setup and RPM doesn't recognize this.  You need to
find ncurses in RPM format and install that for RPM to understand that its

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