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Re: Porting a UNIX app to WinNT (2000,XP)

In article <>, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Werner Kliewer wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Several years ago someone in our shop used the cygwin environment
> > and related tools to port a UNIX TCP/IP Port Level communications 
> > to the DOS world. This is a small simple executable that still works in
> > Win9x. It was never ported to the NT world.
> > 
> > Both Windows and cygwin have changed over the years. I need to 
> > this port for the NT environment. Is cygwin still an appropriate tool to 
> > for something like this? I don't understand the Windows (or even the
> > UNIX) IP Port level programming environment well enough to rewrite 
> > code into native Windows code, so I need a set of libraries that will
> > emulate the UNIX  system calls, especially the IP Port level
> > communications, in the Windows world, and the appropriate compiler 
> > make use of them.
> > 
> > The original code runs and recompiles easily on current AIX, HP/UX 
> > Linux environments, using native C compilers for each. On Windows I
> > have access to Microsoft C and could update to any version required, 
or I
> > can get any downloadable compiler suggested.
> > 
> > I am not sure if I am even asking the right questions. Commercial
> > solutions to the libraries would be considered if they could be used 
> > the Microsoft C environment and it would make future maintenance
> > simpler.
> > 
> Should be as simple as installing Cygwin with
> and then building the program.  Yes, it's
> possible that there is some W9x specific coding but not likely.
> Earnie.

What are the minimum components I would need to install for the 
purpose above? I expect to install more than the minimum, but probably 
not everything. So a short list to get me started would be helpful.

Werner (Vern) Kliewer
Sr. ITS Analyst
Mid-Range Support
Manitoba Public Insurance

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