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Re: mumit: gcc advice please

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 09:48:52AM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
>Don't be too hopeful! I'm not claiming that this initial code is
>complete, bug free or race free.  All I'm claiming is that the ABI
>should be static from here on in, and that bugs as and when they are
>reported will be looked at.  As a matter of fact there will be some
>_known races_ in my initial code.  However I feel that getting the
>support out there, and compile problems etc reported is better than
>shooting for a perfect implementation from day 1.

Yeah, I wasn't expecting perfection.  I think we're both on the same
page, on this.  I'm sure that I've screwed up something somewhere

It makes sense to release this and get people playing with it ASAP.
Then you will have a nice spike in email activity as people find
all sorts of problems in your implementation.

One thing that just occurred to me is that "someone" should run the
Cygwin test suite prior to my release.  I guess it's time I learned
how to do that.

Are there any pthread test suites out there that could be integrated
into cygwin?


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