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Re: mumit: gcc advice please

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Robert Collins wrote:

>     I have nearly complete pthreads code here on my home machine.
> Cancellation points will be a long term thing (lots of library functions
> to update) so that's only a stub at the moment. Also I haven't done
> pthread_at_fork() but I plan to shortly.

Congratulations! This is a terrific contribution, thanks.

> I am attempting to build gcc as you suggested... for a small test case
> :]

GCC is a small testcase, since it only uses a very small subset of the
pthreads interface. See gcc/gthr-posix.h for details. 

> Useing Chris's gcc 2.95-3.2 source tarball... is there naything special
> I need to do to be able to do basic tests of gcc? I've  never built gcc
> before so this is new territory for me.
> I have separate build/install/src trees. I've configured with
> ../srctree/configure --enable-shared --enable-threads=pthreads --prefix=
> ../installtree

> Should anything else be needed? I've had a couple of "incompatible
> pointer" warnings early on in the build.
> Finally, can you suggest some test cases to see if the pthreads support
> for exceptions is working properly? I'm going to try the testcase that
> came up a few days ago... but maybe there's more that can be done?

That's the hard part! I have a few, so I'll try those out. I'm sure others
will try it out and we'll go from there.


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