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mumit: gcc advice please

    I have nearly complete pthreads code here on my home machine.
Cancellation points will be a long term thing (lots of library functions
to update) so that's only a stub at the moment. Also I haven't done
pthread_at_fork() but I plan to shortly.

I am attempting to build gcc as you suggested... for a small test case

Useing Chris's gcc 2.95-3.2 source tarball... is there naything special
I need to do to be able to do basic tests of gcc? I've  never built gcc
before so this is new territory for me.

I have separate build/install/src trees. I've configured with
../srctree/configure --enable-shared --enable-threads=pthreads --prefix=

Should anything else be needed? I've had a couple of "incompatible
pointer" warnings early on in the build.

Finally, can you suggest some test cases to see if the pthreads support
for exceptions is working properly? I'm going to try the testcase that
came up a few days ago... but maybe there's more that can be done?


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