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RE: bash 2.05

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrius Docius []
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 6:28 AM
> To: Cygwin
> Subject: bash 2.05
> Hello,
> today I read an announcement on FreshMeat about bash 2.05.
> It seems that official bash maintainer incorporated some
> CYGWIN-specific patches, but one minor issue prevented the 
> compilation:
> in readline library I found one rather strange line: #include 
> <windows.h>
> But as fas as I know, cygwin has /dev/clipboard now.

It does, read/write is only in the current snapshots, but it's quite
stable, and handles multi-megabyte copy & pastes.

> After some time I had new bash-2.05 binaries and a patch file.
> In case someone will be interested I am sending it here.
> (btw, current version of readline library (4.2.1) in contrib 
> has the same
> code)
> So there is kind of a question:
> how clipboard-related stuff should be implemented ?
>  Using windows style (<windows.h>, GetClipboardData (CF_TEXT), etc. )
>  or using cygwin-style (fopen("/dev/clipboard", ...), etc.) ?
> with best regards,
> Andrius D.

IMO, /dev/clipboard. That should allow you to use the existing unix
style clipboard. BTW: if it has a different device name in unix it's
easy to alias the cygwin clipboard.


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