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Re: what's the minimal installation for ssh

At 08:18 AM 4/10/2001, Miroslav Kes wrote:
>The subject says all.
>What Cygwin packages do I have to install to be able to use SSH client.
>Currently I have ash, bash, cygwin, crypt, openssh, openssl and if I try to start  ssh I get an error message saying : "... cygz.dll couldn't be found. .." and really there is no such dll in the cygwin tree.

Currently, the recommended "minimum" install for any package requiring 
Cygwin is all of Cygwin.  Unless you know the dependencies or you're willing
to determine a smaller subset yourself, this is recommended approach.  
Others have posted to this list a possible smaller set of packages based
on the level of end-user (i.e. general user, developer, etc).  Earnie Boyd
made one such post.  There has also been some talk of enhancing setup.exe to understand dependencies.  This has yet to materialize.  You can find all 
this information in the mail archives if you're interested though.  

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