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Re: GL/gl.h in w32api

Roger Sayle wrote:
> > > Is there any reason why the include files in the opengl package
> > > shouldn't be moved to the w32api package?
> > >
> >
> > Yes!  The opengl headers belong with the opengl package not the w32api
> > package.  The maintainers of w32api don't maintain opengl and vice versa
> > so we would never be able to complete a new distribution of the w32api
> > package.
> The mainainers of w32api do maintain a significant subset of opengl,
> namely the libraries opengl32.a, libglaux.a, libglu32.a, libglut.a
> and libglut32.a.  Indeed, listed in the noteworthy changes documentation
> for w32api 0.1.2 is "Added the Win32 extensions for OpenGL".
> Doesn't it seem strange that the entry points for the import libraries
> and the headers describing them are maintained in different packages.
> Microsoft include both the OpenGL headers and libraries in their WIN32
> SDK.  And I'll guess that most other w32api libraries are described by
> w32api header files.

I would accept a "clean room" implementation of the Microsoft OpenGL
headers and import libraries.  A clean room implementation is where you
use only related documentation to create the files.  I however will not
be doing this myself.

This discussion is also pertinent to MinGW so I've cross posted.


P.S.: There is no need to include my personal email in the discussion. 
I'm on both lists.

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