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Re: More on Job Control...

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Mark Allan Young wrote:

> I was baffled about the job control issue, having read that it
> did indeed work.  I verified that my CYGWIN environment variable
> was set...and yet, still I couldn't suspend a job.
> then I noticed that the bat file I use to start up a cygwin
> shell window was setting the CYGWIN variable to '"tty"', instead
> of just 'tty'.  I changed this and I could suspend a sleep command.
> After this revelation, I found a couple of other strange things.
> First, if I type:
> 	sleep 100 &
> it sleeps for 100 seconds in the background.
> but if I type:
> 	sleep 100
> 	<ctrl-z>
> 	fg
> it terminates immediately after the fg command.
> it does the same if I put in the background with 'bg'.

You found a pathological case to test the job control, sorry. It's an 
issue with sleep implementation, not the underlying job control. GNU 
sleep, one that comes with Cygwin and Linux, does not do the right/
expected thing, while sleep implementations in most commercial Unices


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