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SSHD authentication


I have configured a SSHD on a NT4.0 member server running SP6. I've

sshd to start via SRVANY. I can see the service has started and have

that I can at least attempt a connection via SecureCRT on my client machine.

prompted to accept the keys however connection fails at the password stage.

receive the message "Password Authentication failed.

I have SSHD running against the system account. I do have a service account

SSHD however I wanted to get it working in a fairly vanilla environment

As I'm running SSHD on a non-domain controller I'd like to use the local

accounts for user authentication. I thought this was controlled via the

file. However when I launch cygwin and then login and attempt to login with

username and password I've set login fails.

I have also poured over the documentation and do not understand where I

set the netsec variable. Please tell me what file this variable needs to

configured for.

Any help would be much appreciated. Please reply to this


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