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More on Job Control...

I was baffled about the job control issue, having read that it
did indeed work.  I verified that my CYGWIN environment variable
was set...and yet, still I couldn't suspend a job.

then I noticed that the bat file I use to start up a cygwin
shell window was setting the CYGWIN variable to '"tty"', instead
of just 'tty'.  I changed this and I could suspend a sleep command.

After this revelation, I found a couple of other strange things.

First, if I type:

	sleep 100 &

it sleeps for 100 seconds in the background.

but if I type:

	sleep 100
it terminates immediately after the fg command.
it does the same if I put in the background with 'bg'.

Another strange behaviour relates to my emacs setup.

I have emacs aliased to 'emacs.bat' which is in my bin

the emacs.bat file starts up a GNU emacs 20.4.1 (i386-*-nt5.0.2195).

If I start this up in the background with '&', when it exits, I get
a done message.

if I don't use the '&' and then try to suspend it
with <ctrl-z>, it doesn't suspend.

that's all I've got for now...   any observations welcome.


ps.  as an aside, I tried the most recent version of the cygwin1.dll
when I was looking at this stuff ( the april 7 version) and it caused
my emacs.bat file to seemed to have lost the ability to notice
that it was a bat file...

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