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Re: troubles with postgresql-7.1RC2-1

> > $ uname -a
> > CYGWIN_NT-5.0 NONSARD 1.3.0s(0.37/3/2) 2001-03-19 23:55 i686 unknown
> OK, you convinced me that you are running a post 1.1.8-2 DLL.  Although,
> the error message that you are getting would not come from the 2001-03-19
> snapshot.  Do you have any stray cygwin1.dll files lying around?  If not,
> then I'm out of ideas.

I think it's a problem with cygipc and security, i will fix it later. For
now, i just
avoid to start cygipc-daemon as a service... maybe you can mention this
problem in the README file
of cygwin-postgres distrib. If you have "ZeroProc..." something when you try
to open
a database, maybe you should try to *not* launch cygipc-daemon as a

> As the README indicates, I'm only configuring currently with --with-CXX
> which meets our needs.  I am quite willing to start adding options not
> needed by us if they build OOTB.  So, if TCL support builds without fuss
> then I will include it.  IIRC, there is not a Cygwin TCL yet.  Hence,
> Cygwin PostgreSQL with TCL support may be problematic.
> Would you be willing to try configuring --with-tcl?  If so and it builds
> OOTB, let me know and I will include it the next time I package a
> distribution.

TCL-8.0 is now part of the cygwin distribution. Unfortunatly,  I tried to
postgres with tcl support, but it seems that tcl > 8.0 is required. It seems
postgres requires some functions (Tcl_CreateFilewithHandler or
something like that...) that are not part of tcl-8.0.

Anyway, it's possible to start pgacces by downloading it from
It comes with precompiled binaries of libpgtcl.dll and libpq.dll. You have
copy and rename dll provided in this package in win32/dll (choose dll for
postgres 7.0 and tcltk 8.3 and copy it somewhere in your path as
libpgtcl.dll and libpq.dll)

User has to install tcl/tk 8.3.

Update the pgaccess file in the root of distribution to find the
"wish83.exe" program

That's it, it works... but it's just a walk around until tcltk8.3 will be
available with cygwin...


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