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Re: setup.exe : nice in theory, not-so-clever in practice!

Joe wrote:
> Hi people,
> This feedback comes from a longtime Cygwin user, until recently using B19.

B19????  You mean, you didn't even upgrade to B20(.1) *three years
ago*?  Sigh.

> >From the FAQ:
> >>Unlike previous net releases such as B20.1 and earlier, there is no
> monolithic
> >>"full" or "usertools" installation. Rather, you can pick and choose the
> packages
> >>you wish to install, and update them individually.
> Sorry, I *want* a monolithic installer!!! We used to have one with B19, and
> I would like it back! Please!  :)

Red Hat, while I appreciate the effort you went through to develop an
incremental update system with RPM, I *want* to reinstall from an ISO
image every time you update a security hole in bind or apache.  Please
get rid of your RPM system and re-package your entire 650MB distro into
an ISO file for each patch, package update, or security fix.

I really want to reinstall my entire Linux distro every single time a
new security or performance bug is fixed.  I'm much more worried about
the incremental speedup of a single TCP connection while downloading a
single 650MB ISO image, as opposed to multiple TCP connects for multiple
RPM's.  Of course, I'm going to ignore the fact that I'll be downloading
that ISO 27 times per month to get the package updates, when the
incremental installer allows me, after the initial install, to download
and update single (small) packages as needed.

Except that I don't update that often -- only once every four years.

Oops.  I forgot to add lots of multiple exclamation marks!!!! and
question marks????!!!!?!?!?!

Thank you.


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