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Re: Setup destroys working Cygwin installation completely!

"Schaible, Joerg" <> writes:
> <flame>

Yeah, I suppose.  However, you did mention that you were trying to
install a version of gcc that you hadn't downloaded, using a setup.ini
that you did download to install files that it didn't correspond to.
We don't test situations like that.

> Sorry. I just thought, that giving you a hint as maintainer with deep
> knowledge of the source, would result in a quick fix, preventing setup
> uninstalling packages that it has not even offered in the installation list.

I'm not really "the maintainer".  I'm just the biggest contributor.
The code in question was actually rewritten recently by someone else.

And you need to click the "full" button to see the full list of what's
being offered by setup.  It defaults to only showing you things that
it thinks will be significant.  If there's a bug there, it's up to you
to determine how to reproduce it, because we can't fix it until then.

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