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Re: GNU Win b18

At 01:03 PM 4/6/2001, Ken Phillips wrote:

>I am attempting to use the NT ported version of Glimpse and Glimpseindex.
>The programs require GNU-win b18 and I am unable to locate them on your
>server, or anywhere else for that matter. I recieve error messages of the
>wrong dll being used when using other versions. Is it possible to still
>obtain this release?

No, at least not from this site.  If the programs are truly GPL, they should
provide the DLL and the source, although they probably aren't strictly in 
violation of the GPL if they don't, since I think the offer to provide this
stuff is limited to 3 years.  (Don't flame me on that because I didn't 
check the GPL to see if my memory is correct on this.)  B18 is more than 3
years old.  Anyhow, if the programs you require were built against B18, they 
must be GPL'd in which case you can grab the source and build against the 
current Cygwin release, which you'd be better off with.  Alternatively, you 
can search the net for B18.  If you find it, you'll be on your own since that 
release is many years out of date and not supported by this list anymore.  Go 
to to get the current net release.

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RFK Partners, Inc.            
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