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RE: Setup destroys working Cygwin installation completely!

Hi DJ,

>You sent this to a lot of people, not just me.

I thought, you would not like to have private mail and may be some others
are also infected. I addressed you, since you've been setup maintainer for
the last times.

>> Normally I use setup to download all files to a local
>> directory. Next step is to start setup again and install the new
>> versions from disk.
>If you don't follow our recommendations, you're on your own.  Use
>"install from Internet" next time.

Uuuuhh, wow! Just increase web traffic at any chance? With this policy, I do
not understand that Cygwin download is no longer possible from Cygnus itself
... And why then does setup offer "Download from Internet" and "Install from
lokal disk"? If it is not recommended, why is it available? At least, why is
there no hint within setup for this recommendation?

I know, I know, use the source, Luke! Any patches welcome. But I am
currently busy and I know now how to avoid this, but looking at the
increased traffic from people having troubles possibly using setup as I do,
you seem all quite satisfied using your time answering their questions why
their installation does not work (any longer).

Next time I will not report and save your time wasted reeding such mails.

Sorry. I just thought, that giving you a hint as maintainer with deep
knowledge of the source, would result in a quick fix, preventing setup
uninstalling packages that it has not even offered in the installation list.
It seems I was wrong.


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