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Setup destroys working Cygwin installation completely!

Hello DJ,

yeterday (one week ago - mail bounced) setup destroyed my Cygwin
installation completely!

Normally I use setup to download all files to a local directory. Next step
is to start setup again and install the new versions from disk. Fine. On
Staurday I had a bad connection and I sjipped the download of the new gcc
and openssh versions. Installing afterwards from disk I got the message,
that gcc and openssh was missing in the specified version. Well I forgot to
skip them in the local setup again.

Yesterday I detected that I didn't have a gcc anymore! Uups. So I started
the setup again doing a local install to install an older version. Setup
showed me the two packages for gcc and openssh, but unfortunately, I did not
have any of the versions for gcc setup was offering (using Prev/Curr/Exp) -
my last one was older. Pressing OK and - uuuuuuuups - setup was uninstalling
ash, binutils, ... until I kicked it with the task manager! Whoops. Cygwin
installation was destroyed!

Last resort: I've deleted all files in /etc/setup, edited downloaded
setup.ini by hand to insert the versions I had on disk and reinstalled from
disk again. Fine.

Well, this behavior just rang a bell in my mind .... ever wondered why so
many people in the last time seemed to have incomplete installations ... ???
Not me, not now!


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